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Cjet 200
       - Glass Ink                                              
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  • Grayscale printinting technology, variable drop size from 14pl to 42pl
  • Draft quality speed up to 180Sqm/hr
  • Printing width 2.05m with no limit lenght
  • Automatic X&Y axis Registration System
  • Bulk main with Ink Stirring Function



1. Variable Color Configuration, Up tp 8 Colors
Equipped with 8~16 Konica Minolta heads with variable drop size from 14pl to 42pl. This allows users to produce more sharp images output smoother gradients and quartones, meanwhile to produce unoform, solid colors.
2. Auto Cleaning, Capping & Ink Recovery System
Auto cleaning system allows the print head auto prime and wiping controlled by software or panel, which makes the print head  cleaning much more simple and timesaving.
Ink recovery system will help save inl cost.   
3. Subtank Internal ink Recirculation Function
Internal recirculation system can effectively avoid the ink precipitation clogging the nozzles, meanwhile the subtank heating system will keep the ink viscosity stable, which will guarantee the continuous printing. 
4. Auto media thickness Detect System
The auto media calibration pin automatically detects and gauges the distance between the print heads and loaded media then automatically adjusts to the optimized print height based on the thickness of th loaded media.

5. Automatic X&Y axis Reistration System
Three units registration system help positon thew media on both x and y axis, loading media much more easier, meanwhile make 3pcs printing at the same time avaliable.Height permitted baffle will hold up the superhigh media enter the printing area, in case the carriage scratch the media and damage the print head. 
6. Automatic glass Input Control System
Infrared sensor will detect the media and control the printing automatically, which makes sure the pipelined production avaliable.
7. Dual Negative Pressure System
Independent negative pressure system usedfor white ink can effectively  gurantee all the colors ink work perfect.
8. Bulk ink tank with Strirring Function
Five liter main tank helps to continuesous printing, meanwhile the stirring system works to prevent ink precipitation, which helps to get more stable ink viscosity.



Print head 8-16 Konika Minolta
Print modes
Draft Quality(363x720):                   180sqm/h
Production Mode(363x1080):           120sqm/h
High Quality(363x1440):                  90sqm/h
 Print resolution Up to 363x1440 dpi
 Technology Piezoelectric inkjet
 Ink types Glass Ink
 Ink cartridge colors
8Color (White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, other spot color)
 Ink cartridge size
5 liter
 Rip software Photoprint Flora Edition, Onyx (Optional)
 Color management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment 
 File formats TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc.
Vacuum table convery-belt feeding system
Automatic X&Y axis registration system, pipelined production avaliable
 Media Size
Max. width up to 2050mm, no length limited
If media width less than 630mm, 3pcs can be printed at the same time
If less than 900mm, larger than 630mm, 2pcs can be printed at the same time
If size larger than 900mm, you can only print 1 pcs
 Interfaces (standard) Fast standard USB port
Dimensions (l x w x h)
 Printer  454×218×165cm  
 Shipping  472×208×206cm  
Operating conditions
Temperature 20 to 30ºC
Relative Humidity 20-80%, non-condensing
  > 5 Bar
Maximum 4.4 Kw
Input voltage: 200 to 240 VAC, signal-phase, 50/60 Hz, 20A
  One year limited warranty. (please consult your local dealer for accurate data)

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