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HeavyJet II - 5000 / P
       - Heavy Duty 5meter Wide Format Printers                                           
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  • Spectra Polaris printheads
  • 16 printheads / 4-6 colors (CMYK) + LC + LM
  • Outstanding printing speed up to 198sqm/hr
  • Printing width of 5 meters
  • Highest printing resolution of 800*1200dpi



1. This Flora HJII 5000P large format digital printer makes use of the Spectra Polaris printing head.
2. It is equipped with 16 printing heads for 4 or 6 colors, i.e. (CMYK) +LC+LM.
3. The printing speed for standard output is as high as 198sqm/hr.
4. The printing width is 5 meters.
5. The product offers high printing resolution of 800×1200dpi at maximum.

High Resolution and High Speed Printing
The digital printer can be equipped with up to 16 Spectra Polaris print heads, with options of 4 and 6 colors. It is capable of printing high quality images at high speed of 198sqm/hr in the 2-pass Billboard mode. With the highest resolution up to 1200dpi, the large format digital printer is a good choice for outdoor printing applications.

Maximum Printing Width Up to 5.0m.

The printing machine is capable of printing 5m width in one printing. With no substrate's connecting incurred, it can create more profits for users.

Double-sided Printing
The digital printing system can carry out double-sided printing. The printing position is adjusted by software, which ensures the precision of the images on both sides.

Mesh Substrate Print
With one trough design on the print platform of HJII5000P digital printer, a metal cover plate is located to cover the trough. Whenever print the mesh substrates, just take away the cover plate, the waste ink will drop to the trough of the printing platform.

1. Innovative Substrate Feeding System
Multi-point floating tensioning system ensures the substrate move accurately and smoothly.\

2. Metal Grating And Optical Fiber System
Metal grating wears well, has high precision, and ensures the high resolution output. Optical fiber data transmission system guarantees the high capacity data transfer.

3. Servo Motor For Print Head Carriage And Feeding System
The servo motor for print head carriage and feeding system ensures the substrate feeding accurately and high quality printing output.

4. Infrared Safeguard
The infrared safeguard can automatically detect the impediment in the take up and feeding system area, ensuring safe production.

5. Industrial Take up and Feeding System
The industrial take up and feeding system has the medium handling capacity up to 360kg. Upright locking design for tension rollers makes it easy to load and unload the media.

6. Multiple Drying Systems
The multiple drying systems make printing dry very quickly, which makes sure the HJII5000P large format digital printer performs high speed printing without ink drying issue.

7. Simultaneous Printing On Multiple Rolls Up to 3
The digital printer is capable of printing on multiple rolls (as many as 3 rolls) simultaneously, which enhances productivity and reduces the labor cost accordingly.

8. Automatic Tension Servo Control System
The automatic tension servo control system ensures easy print on substrates with varied thickness.



Printing control
Print head 8-16 Spectra Polaris Piezoelectric Print Heads
Print mode/speed Draft output: 198m²/h
Standard output: 100m²/h
High precision output: 70m²/h
Ultrahigh precision output: 55m²/h
Print resolution Maximum 800×1200dpi
Technology Piezoelectric ink jetting
Ink type Environment protective, colorful, highly durable outdoor solvent ink
Color Max. 6 colors: C+ M+ Y+ K+ Lc +Lm
Ink cylinder 5 liter (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta)
RIP software Photoprint Flora Edition, Onyx (Optional)
Color management ICC based color management, adjustable printing curve and density
File formats TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc.
Medium System
Handling Industrial grade feeding and take-up system supports simultaneous printing on 3 rolls.
Specifications of coiled material Max. width: 500cm, diameter: 40cm, weight: 360kg
Data transmission
Data interface High speed USB transmission
Machine dimensions (l x w x h) 810x170x210cm
Machine weight 2500kg
Operating conditions
Temperature 20 to 30℃
Relative humidity 20%-80%, non-condensing
Power supply
Heater 11000 watts
System 5500 watts
Requirements Input voltage: 200 to 240VAC, signal-phase, 50/60Hz, 32A
Warranty One year (Please consult your local dealer for details)



Specification Sheet



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