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XTRA 5000
        - High Resolution Wide Format Digital UV Roll to Roll Printer                                                
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  • Konika Minolta print heads
  • 8~16 print heads/4/6C+White(CMYKLcKmWW)
  • Outstanding printing speed up to 150sqm/hr

  • Printing width 5 meters

  • Liner Motor and Metal raster Strip for carriage & the feeding system using Dual Servo Motors

  • Auto Capping & Ink recovery System




5000 1

1. Liner Motor & Metal Raster System
X axis are using liner motor, fast and stable. Metal raster enconder and strip helps ink drop placement much more accurate. High speed and high quality is avaiable now!

5000 2 2. Printe head Capping & Ink Recovery System
Easy to operate, capping system will prevent the nozzles from clogging, while th ink recovery system recover the ink from purging to reduce the waste ink cost.
5000 3 3. LED light Box System
Build-in LED makes it become light box, you can preview the actual resolut when printing.
5000 4 4. Vacuum Chamber Individual Control System
The whole vacuum chamber is divided into 4 area. The vacuum for each area can be controllerd individually. It can guarantee even suction for all different sizes media. 
5000 slide
Flora XTRA 5000 is now available in 4 color and 6 color configuration(white optional), featuring up to 16 Konika Minolta print heads. The UV lamps instantly dries the UV-curable inks, these specially formulated inks yield a wider color gamut and exhibit excellent flexibility and superior adhesion on a variety of materials fabric, canvas, vinly, plastic film, paper and polyester including 100% PE eco-friendly opening many new markets. Capable of printing fast high quality images at speeds of 150sqm/hr in 4-pass Billboard mode, which is perfect for outdoor application. It is the most productive digital solution for outdoor applications in speed and quality for billboards and building wraps.
5000 5 5. Electronic Purging and Flushing System
Safe and easy to perform purging and flushing. Save ink and solution cost.
5000 6 6. Innovative Substrates feeding System
Multi-points floating tension system, which ensure the substrate move accurately and smooth.
5000 7 7. Dual AC Servo Motors for Feeding System
Servo motor gor print head carriage and feeding system ensure the substrate feeding accurately and high quality printing output.
5000 8 8. Infrared saftgurad
Infrared Safeguard can auto detect the impediment in the Take up & Feeding system area, secure the safe production.
 5000 9 9. Industrial Take up & Feeding System
Industrial strength media handling system up to 360kg. Upright lock for Tension rollers design which makes it easy to load and unload for quick job turn-over.
 5000 10 10. Simultaneous printig on multiple rolls uo to 3
Capable of printing multiple rolls simultaneously up to 3rolls, which enhance productivity and reduce the labor cost accordingly.


Print head 8~16 Konika Minolta Print Heads
Print modes
150 sqm/hr
100 sqm/hr
75 sqm/hr
 Print resolution
363*360, 363*720, 363*1080, 746*720, 746*1080
 Technology Piezoelectric inkjet, UV/LED Curing Technology
 Ink types UV/LED curable, pigment based ink
 Ink cartridge colors
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White (optional)
 Ink cartridge size
5 liter
 Rip software Photoprint  Flora Edition 10.5, Caldera, Onyx
 Color management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment 
 Operating System Windows 7, Windows XP
 File formats TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc.
Industry feeding & Take Up System can support simultaneous printing on multimple rolls. Daul servo motor feeding system guarantees more accurate feeding step.
Media Supports flexible media up to 500cm wide, with a roll dimension 40cm, up to 360kg in weight (Vinyl, PET film, Blockout, Backlit, Synthetic paper, Banner, etc)
 Interfaces (standard) Fast standard USB port
UV energy source
  Dual shuttered UV lamps, Independent user selectable control of shutter aperture and two lamp power level
Dimensions (l x w x h)
 Printer  790×200×210cm  
Operating conditions
Temperature 20 to 30ºC
Relative Humidity 20-80%, non-condensing
Maximum 4500W (System), 5000W (UV lamp)
Input voltage: 200 to 240 VAC, signal-phase, 50/60 Hz, 25A (System), 25A (UV lamp)
  One year limited warranty. (please consult your local dealer for accurate data)



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