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♦ Intelligent Interweaving
         - Maximize your Profit with Mutoh i² Intelligent Interweaving Print Technology     

Mutoh’s leading-edge Intelligent Interweaving (i²) technology will deliver you an unprecedented level of user comfort, allowing you to effortlessly deliver the right print quality at the lowest cost possible.

No more over-specified print jobs that take longer and cost more than they should. No more under-specified print jobs that result in inferior quality and risk of repeat business. Mutoh’s i² will allow you to continuously deliver fit for purpose print quality.

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Mutoh’s patent pending Intelligent Interweaving printing technology, called i² [pronunciation: I square / ae skwer], is a revolutionary new way of laying down ink onto a substrate.

Whereas wide-format printers commonly lay down ink onto a substrate in a “straight line”, Mutoh’s intelligent interweaving technology will enable the printer to lay down the ink in a totally different way, e.g. in a “wave form pattern”.

In doing so, depending on the application or media used, the new i² printing technique will vastly reduce or neutralise typical shortcomings inherently linked to inkjet printing, such as horizontal or vertical banding, missing or misfiring nozzles, step mismatch, mottle, etc.., since subsequent printing swaths are seamlessly “interlaced”.

i² printing technology:

  • eliminates banding, mottling and bleeding
  • creates the brightest images from the least ink
  • achieves high definition sharp edges and fine detail at the fastest possible speed

Mutoh’s i² technology offers a twofold benefit. At first, the technology offers an overall better printing quality. Secondly, the feature boosts user-friendly operation, since the user hardly needs to spend time to fine-tune his printer to obtain TOP output quality on a wide variety of media.

Depending on the machine, head technology and ink used, Mutoh is defining special “weave patterns” per product.

Thanks to our i² Intelligent Interweaving print technology, we are able to recommend print modes with which operators can obtain impeccable print quality for the intended viewing distance or application.

How Does Intelligent Interweaving Work?

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