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  • Gray scale technology, variable drop size from 7pl to 35pl
  • Automatic NP Adjustment System, Print heads Caping system
  • Outstanding speed up to 315 Sqm/hr
  • Printing width up to 1.80m
  • Resolution up to 605x1200dpi


LJ1800T-1 1 1. Gray Scale Technology
Equipped with up to 6 print heads with variable drop size minimum starts from 7pl to 35pl. Easy alignment, easy maintenance, much higher quality.
LJ1800T-1 1 2. Print head Capping System
The cap will be filled with solvent, which will prevent the heads from drying.
LJ1800T-1 1 3. Automatic Negative Pressure Adjustment System
Automatic negative pressure adjustment system with night mode provide guarantee for stable pressure, less maintenance, less waste ink and solution cost.
LJ1800T-1 4 4. Platform Suction Adjustable System
Manually and software platform suction adjustable, help the media to be flated in the printing area. Give a high accuracy of dots dropping.

5. Industry Feeding and Take up System
Easy handling with 100kg media, support a stable media feeding, meanwhile the take up system will roll up the finished media.


6. Multi-Heating & Fan Drying System
Tranditional multi-section heating with cooling fan system, the back side heating keep the media flat, middle
heating keep the ink from spreading, meanwhile the front heating is used for drying.


7. Smart Print H ead Temperature Controlling System
Ricoh head supports an internal heating fuction, software control available to give a stable head temperature
for the ink.
8. High strength Steel Body Frame and High-precision hard chromium plating linear Rail
Integrated heavy duty structure, multi-support points and hard chromium plating linera rail with less nosize, high crocking resistance. Make sure a reliable output quality with continual using.



1 1. Grayscale technology
Max. to 2 rows, with 8 Ricoh print heads with variable drop size minimum starts from 7 pl to 35pl. This allows users to produce more sharp images output with smoother gradients and quartertones, meanwhile to produce uniform, solid colors.
 2 2. Automatic nozzle suction, cleaning and capping system
To ensure continuous production, and for a possible ink reuse under circulation.
 3 3. Ink degassing system
The ink degassing system is to eliminate the bubble inside the ink, to avoid any
ink starvation during printing.
 4 4. Self-adjusting negative pressure system
Automatic negative pressure adjustment system and lung type air tank provide
guarantee for stable negative pressure.
 5 5. New priming system with ink recovery function
New design priming system will recover the ink when you do purging, which will
help to save ink a lot.
 6 6. Two adjustable pressure pinch roller system
High precision servo motor, large robber roller and two adjustable pressure pinch
roller effective guarantee the media feeding, no wrinkle.
 7 7. Metal encoder strip and dual rail
More accurate ink drop location, higher degree of accuracy printing.
 8 8. Infrared drying system
Double-barreled infrared drying in the front. Heating and drying will be terminated
immediately while stop printing, which effectively avoid the color difference due to
different heating and drying period.
 9 9. Loading and tension system and Wrinkle get-rid-of system.
Eliminate and get rid of wrinkle on the surface of textile efficiently, to ensure everysingle drop on the proper location during printing.
Print head 2/4/6 Ricoh Print heads
Print modes
Draft quality: (1pass)
Standard quality: (2pass)
High quality(3pass)
Ultra quality(4pass)
105 sqm/hr
52 sqm/hr
35 sqm/hr
25 sqm/hr
214 sqm/hr
105 sqm/hr
71 sqm/hr
52 sqm/hr
315 sqm/hr
155 sqm/hr
105 sqm/hr
75 sqm/hr
 Print resolution Up to 605x1200dpi
 Technology Piezoelectric inkjet, Grayscale Technology
 Inks types Dye-sublimation
 Inks cartridge colors
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
 Inks cartridge size  4 liter (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
 Rip software Photoprint Flora Edition 10.5, Neostampa 7, Caldera 9.2,
Color management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment
 File formats  TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc.
Industry feeding & take-up system
 Roll-feed media support
Up to 183cm wide, with a roll dimension 20cm,up to 55kg
Interfaces (standard) Fast standard USB port
Dimensions (l x w x h)
 Printer  343×109×140cm  
 Shipping  352×154×170cm  
Operating conditions
Temperature 20 to 30ºC
Relative Humidity 35% - 65%, non-condensing
System 3500 Watts
Requirements Input Voltage: AC200~240V, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 16A
  One year limited warranty. (please consult your local dealer for accurate data)


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