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F1 - 250 UV / Turbo
        - High Resolution UV Rigin and Flexible Media Digital Printing Machine                                                
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This F1 250UV rigid and flexible media digital printing machine supports grayscale printing technology and its printing speed can reach 38m²/h for standard output. The printing breadth is 2.54m and the printing length is infinite. With dedicated solutions for application, this product is easy to print on the wall paper, advertising cloth and other flexible and light rigid substrates.



1. High standard color configuration
This UV rigid and flexible media digital printing machine offers 8 colors printing at maximum. This color configuration is easy for diverse extending and upgrading according to different demands of users. Moreover, the cost performance of the machine is increased.

2. Automatic cleaning function
The product can be cleaned automatically to prevent the print head from clogging effectively. In the printing process, users can set the number for cleaning through the software.

3. Automatic inspection on thickness of the medium and automatic control on height of the print head
This UV rigid and flexible media digital printing machine can print on the medium with the thickness of 48mm at maximum. It can adjust the height of the print head automatically based on the thickness of the medium after auto detection. Thus, the automation of the production is improved, so is the image output quality.

4. White ink circulation
When the machine is running, the self circulation of white ink leads to smooth ink supply without blocking, as well as the increase of performance of the white ink. Meanwhile, the specially designed white ink cartridge can be shifted to the cleaning mode to wash the white print head.

5. Platform with excellent vacuum absorption
Aside from the belt conveying control system for moving the medium, the UV rigid and flexible media digital printing machine is equipped with the platform that can firmly absorb any rigid materials.

6. High precision image output with bright color
Composed of 5 to 15 or 4 to 8 Konica 14PL high performance print heads, the machine can output standard 720dpi printing quality, as well as ultra high precision output of 1440dpi to the upmost. It realizes the perfect presentation of color with precision on printed image.

7. Perfect application of white ink
The Flora UV rigid and flexible media digital printing machine supplies 8 main printing modes of using white ink as covering color, base color, filling color, covering spot color or base spot color, spot color, etc. The application of white ink helps to present the printed image with true color on any dark color or transparent materials.

8. UV varnish solution
The UV varnish enables the printed image to show improved bright effect on the surface with concave and convex touching effect. Moreover, the UV varnish plated on the surface of the image is useful for protecting the image to some extent.

9. Original three layers printing
With the distinct three-layer printing function, the UV rigid and flexible media digital printing machine is capable of printing with chromatic color, white color and chromatic color simultaneously, especially double-sided printing on the transparent material.



Print head 5-15/4-8 Konica Minolta
Print modes
Standard quality
High quality
Ultra quality
512 Nozzle (15 heads)
38 sqm/hr
29 sqm/hr
22 sqm/hr
1024 Nozzle (8 heads)
38 sqm/hr
29 sqm/hr
20 sqm/hr
 Print resolution Up to 1440x1440 dpi
 Technology Piezoelectric inkjet, UV-curable inks
 Ink types UV-curable, pigment-based ink
 Ink cartridge colors
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
White (optional), Varnish (optional)
 Ink cartridge size
4 liter (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, Varnish)
 Rip software Photoprint  Flora Edition, Onyx (Optional)
 Color management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment 
 File formats TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc.
Vacuum table convey-belt movement rigid flexible printing capability material
 Rigid media support Standard convey-belt table support rigid materials up to 254cm width, 50kg/sqm
 Roll-feed media support Optional Roll-to-Roll upgrade kit supports flexible media up to 250cm wide, with a roll dimension 30cm, up to 100kg in weight
 Thickness  Up to 48mm
 Interfaces (standard) Fast standard USB port
UV energy source
  Dual stutterd UV lamps, Independent user selectable control of shutter aperture and two lamp power level
Dimensions (l x w x h)
 Printer  4.48×2.70×1.46m  
 Shipping  5.00×1.10×1.76m  
Operating conditions
Temperature 20-30ºC
Relative Humidity 20-80%, non-condensing (with synthetic media 40% minimim recommended to avoid static electricity; with paper-based media 60% maximum recommended to anoid buciling).
Maximum 7500 watts
Requirements Input voltage: 200 to 240 VAC, signal-phase, 50/60 Hz, 32A max
  One year limited warranty. (please consult your local dealer for accurate data)




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