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       - Options & Accesories for Mutoh's Large Format Printers     
To complete your solution and configure it to your target print volume, we supply a range of optional accessories to make your production process easier, faster and hassle-free.

UniFixer 65 Heat Transfer Calender

Mutoh's UniFixer 65 heat transfer calender will heat transfer your dye sublimation prints from paper to fabric, or heat fix your pre-printed fabrics. Offering a working width of 1700 mm, the calender is ideal for short run and larger run production of indoor and outdoor banners & flags, promotional apparel, decorative fabrics, etc …

Compatible with Mutoh’s entire range of dye sublimation and direct textile printers up to 65”, the UniFixer 65 can be used for the sublimation process of Mutoh dye sublimation inks as well as for the heat fixation of Mutoh direct disperse type inks.

With the optional table for the Mutoh UniFixer roll-to-roll heat transfer calender (UNI-TABLE), it is possible to load pre-cut sheets or pre-cut pieces.


Motorised Take-up Systems

No matter what volume you intend to produce on a Mutoh printer, we have the solution !

We developed several optional motorised take-up systems for roll widths up to 54” (137 cm) & 64” (165 cm) and for roll weights up to 30, 80 and 100 kg. This will enable you to configure your printer in line with your application needs.

>> Datasheet Torque Winders

>> Brochure Motorised Take-up Systems


Ink Pack Adapters for Sign & Display Printers  

Eco Ultra & UMS inks are available in special litre packs for uninterrupted ink supply, providing the functionality of an ink cassette, but with the advantages of a bulk ink system.  The ink packs are loaded in specially developed ink pack adaptors that are mounted in the printers’ ink slots.

No extra footprint is required. As such, the system will save space and will not disturb the operator during printing.

The ink pack / ink pack adaptors for Mutoh’s latest generation ValueJet printers offers long unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention (clean ink handling, minimum ink waste, empty ink packs are easy & compact to dispose, …).

Universal Bulk Ink System for Volume Users

Mutoh’s universal bulk ink system (BIS) for volume users has been specially tuned to Mutoh’s mild solvent, dye sublimation and direct textile inks.

The bulk ink system can be easily mounted on top of the printer. No extra footprint is required. As such, the system will save space and will not disturb the operator during printing.

The bulk ink system offers long unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention (easy to refill, even during printing).


The BIS system consists of a 4 bottle bulk station and bulk ink cassettes. Each bulk bottle - equipped with either a dual or a single tubing connection - has an ink autonomy of 1.2 liter. Tubings will transport the ink from the bulk bottles to bulk ink cassettes mounted in the printer’s cartridge slots. The bulk ink cassettes have a built-in floater level adjustment mechanism to accurately set the proper ink fluid pressure to the print head.

The bulk ink system has a modular concept. Depending on the printer type and the ink setup (4, 6 or 8 colours), a 4 bottle bulk station will feed ink into either 4 or 8 bulk ink cassettes.

>> Brochure Bulk Ink System


Mutoh's Fume Extraction System – FILTER07

Mutoh’s Fume Extraction System, called FILTER07, has been specifically designed for connection to Mutoh’s UniFixer 65 calender.

The FILTER 07 is used during heat fixation of direct printed fabrics. It will capture the water vapours, dust particles, as well as possible odours released by the fabric during heat fixation.

Robustly built, the Filter 07 unit is easy to use and requires only minimal maintenance. Mounted on four casters, the unit can be wheeled easily to where it is needed.

>> Brochure Fume Extraction System


Infra Red Dryer for Mutoh Solvent & Direct Textile Printers

When using an unwinding / winding system in combination with slow drying media, applying a lot of ink and/or when printing at high speed, Mutoh’s infra red dryer will immediately dry your printed media before it is being rolled up.

The infra red heating element will dry the output uniformly across the entire width, without air circulation. Ink will dry faster without losing colour gamut, improving your overall productivity.

>> Brochure Infra Red Dryer

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