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♦ TM1800 / TC400
        - Feature Transfer Printing Machine                                                 
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Product Code  TM1800 / TC400
Product Name   TM1800 / TC400  Feature Part Transfer Printing Machine
In Stock  Yes
Print Type Transfer printing, Ironing, fixed, fixing the calendar

Product Features

Cylinder width    1800mm Hot oil roller       400mm
Produce between 120 -250 meters per hour
24 kW of electrical power (three-phase)
Average electricity consumption 15 Kw hour
6 Atu air pressure
0 - 4m. minute speed
Nomextir felt 100%
85 minutes after reaching 230 C. The machine is turned on
Felt is available in cooling fan to help cool down
For safety reasons, run back to the master cylinder.
Emergency image drums back to work soon Stoplardan machine stops itself
Has an average system automatically seals
Confirm whether there is all the difference in the surface of the heat roller Tural machine.
Net weight 2000 kg. is available.
Machine tape's width is 165cm.
Cylinder manually crank the machine is to be used in emergency situations.
Fabric tape and the operation of the machine in front of the coil installation apparatus sehbası are laying a cloth. Formica box to kagıt feature is available .
Built of stone and give the machine to wrap the coil when bulunmaktadır.Makinede 3 Piece Air miles Crane Electric Cooler system has a system of cloth, but the Gulf of Aden.
Top part of the exhaust heat preservation roller are isolated in the open.


The advantages of hot oil cylinder seals on the transfer printing their work
The surface temperature of the cylinder in which it has a homogeneous structure, hardness Touche shading color fading problems, to eliminate all the negative disorder are living Presses ....... etc ...
1 Hour of Our Parts Print Production Kalemderimizde
Spend 11 KW electric
Track print job of 500 can smoothly
hours in a 150 to 250 metric tons of digital fabric printing on the paper can Metering.
4 people, making them enough to work with and track the machine is printing ...
Labor, such as paper cutting away completely removed
As their garbage mountain, rather than the accumulation of bad paper with your company image into a ball, wrap tightly send them to recycling ....
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